Blog Downtown Alpena is a blog devoted to all things Downtown Alpena, Michigan. Not just a guide of things to do or things to see— of which there are many— but a way to share the stories, the people, the places, the history, and the events of our ever-changing downtown.

 I like to call it a travel blog for our own downtown. Part food, part arts review, part calendar of events, part history lesson, part photography, part news coverage.

 Blog Downtown Alpena was created by Anne Gentry in May 2016. In April 2017, Anne became Executive Director of the Alpena DDA (Downtown Development Authority) and continues to manage and write the blog.

 Whether you visit us everyday, or whether you’re visiting us for the first time, I hope this blog allows you to learn and to linger on what makes us uniquely Downtown Alpena.

Interested in becoming a contributing writer or photographer? Reach out to blogdowntownalpena@gmail.com or message us on facebook.


While we’re here…

What is the DDA?  The Downtown Development Authority Mission as established by Public Act 197 of 1975 is: To correct and prevent deterioration in the established DDA district; to encourage historic preservation; to acquire and dispose of interests in real and personal property; to create and implement development plans in the district; and to promote the economic growth of the district.

The mission of the Alpena DDA is to implement positive economic, physical, and aesthetic changes in the downtown.