Detroit Institute of Arts meets downtown Alpena

Some of you may have seen some of these U-Hauls around downtown Alpena today…

What could be inside this mysterious U-Haul?

Or maybe you saw some of these pictures on Downtown Alpena’s Facebook and Instagram pages (which if you’re not following, you should).

What were they delivering, might you ask?

Pieces of art through the Detroit Institute of Arts! Alpena was selected as one of three locations up north, along with Mackinac Island and Traverse City, through their Inside Out program, which brings the DIA’s collection to those who may not be able to make the trip down to Detroit.

Chief Shoppenegons by Eanger Irving Couse, appropriately displayed on Great Lakes Divers.
Pieter Bruegel’s The Wedding Dance at Lasting Expressions.

Through October 31, twelve downtown Alpena businesses and locations will feature high-quality, full-size reproductions of some of art history’s most beloved masterpieces.

Up for a challenge? Try to find all twelve locations!

….or click for a map of where each work can be located here.

Serious kudos to the Detroit Institute of Arts and those in downtown Alpena who worked to bring this program to Alpena and for adding some extra beauty to our downtown. Stay tuned for more updates on how the community is taking advantage of and sharing these works while they’re here.

Blog Downtown Alpena is created and written by Anne Gentry in conjunction with the Alpena Downtown Development Authority. Curious about what’s going on downtown? Message me here. Also, sharing is caring.

5 thoughts on “Detroit Institute of Arts meets downtown Alpena

  1. Fantastic! I just heard about TC getting this opportunity and was feeling a little left out for Alpena. I can’t wait to do little driving downtown. Living in Alpena just gets better and better.


  2. The Wedding Dance is one of my favorite pictures, besides Watson and the Shark. I was a docent at DIA many years ago. It was my job to make sure visitors kept their hands off “The Wedding Dance”.


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