Kingsli’s Favorite Things | June 2019

Written by Kingsli Kraft | June 21, 2019

Not to jinx things, but it seems like it is really starting to feel like summer in Downtown Alpena. I’ve really been looking forward to summer this year. Last summer, I was freshly graduated from college and overwhelmed by the freedom and all the different paths I could take to a future of fulfillment and happiness. I had a month at my summer internship at the DDA under my belt, but beyond summer, I had no idea where I was going. I think the uncertainty really stole away my opportunity to enjoy my summer. This year, the uncertainty is gone and I am excited for everything that summer in Downtown Alpena has to offer. So here are five of my favorite things to enjoy in Downtown  Alpena during the summer.

Blended Green Tea Latte @ Cabin Creek Coffee ~ $4

The blended Green Tea Latte at Cabin Creek is refreshing and crisp and delicious. It’s perfect for a hot summer day. It’s not overly caffeinated or heavy. I like mine with a single pump of mint syrup to add a little bit of brightness and extra flavor. It’s the perfect drink for a Saturday afternoon stroll through downtown, a sunny day at the park or the beach, or a quiet morning with a book at Cabin Creek.

Scout’s Honor Mint Ice Cream @ Scoops ~ $4

I recently started to incorporate some dairy back into my diet, and so I am quite excited to support Downtown Scoops in a more complete way. I’m also really looking forward to adding more variety to my ice cream consumption habits. Before I cut out dairy, my favorite order at Scoops was a scoop of Chocolate ice cream, topped with the Scout’s Honor Mint ice cream.It’s even better in a waffle cone, equal parts rich, creamy, minty.

Michigan Coasters  @ The Local Basket Case ~ $10.00

These coasters warm my heart. They’re colorful, cute, sturdy, and Michigan-themed. I’ve had my eye on these coasters for a while and I finally treated myself to one a couple of weeks ago. They’re the perfect thing to add a bit of color and cheer to your workspace or patio furniture, while keeping the water rings at bay. Plus every time I pick up my glass, I’m reminded of my happy place—Michigan!

Flower Power @ Latitudes ~ $5.00

One of my very best friends recommended this drink to me at Latitudes, or rather guaranteed that I would like it. I had always seen it on the board at the bar, but I had never tried it. It’s made with Absolut Hibiscus Vodka, pomegranate liqueur and soda. This is now my go to drink at Latitudes, which is a testament to the fact that you should always trust your friends because sometimes they know you better than you know yourself. It’s fruity and flowery and pink and vodka-based. It’s like it was created with me in mind. It’s absolutely delicious.

Mud Pie Canvas Pouches @ Traveling Ladders ~ $6.00

I stumbled upon these adorable little pouches at Traveling Ladders earlier this month and I fell in love. I didn’t realize they were Mud Pie (which is a brand I love!) until I got it home. I grabbed the “always believe something wonderful is about to happen” pouch because that is one of my mottos. You have to always believe that today could be the day that you remember as the best day of your life. These pouches are the perfect addition to your beach bag or purse for your lip balm, a little sunscreen, bb cream and mascara.

Kingsli Kraft wrote this article for Blog Downtown Alpena. Kingsli is a graduate from University of Michigan. She now works at the Alpena Downtown Development Authority as Marketing and Outreach Coordinator. She enjoys reading, writing, yoga, hiking, caring for all of her plants and trying new recipes. You can follow her on Instagram here.

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