Springtime In Downtown Alpena

Spring is fast approaching, and I think that everyone is getting excited for the summer sunshine. As an in-between season, spring tends to get a bad rep for being full of rain and dirty snow. It is imperative that we make the most of the wet, unpredictable season and find things to do that are fun and enjoyable while we wait for the summer sun and activities to begin! 

You and your family could always come down and take a walk on the break wall, taking in the sights and sounds of Lake Huron as it melts out of the icy winter into a refreshing summer! While walking around, you could be holding a yummy ice cream treat from the Downtown ice cream shop, Downtown Scoops! Listen for some of the seagulls to call and watch the waves crashing along the rocks. Summer will be on its way, but wear a jacket, because it isn’t here yet. 

If you have a furry friend, you could take them to the dog park next to the water. They’ll love getting to chase and play with the other dogs, and you can take a break and enjoy a nice warm coffee from Cabin Creek Coffee! After your cold ice cream and walk on the breakwall, it’ll be nice to warm your hands on coffee while your pup plays around!

Of course, there are also unique and adorable stores to stop and shop in in the Downtown Alpena area once you get too cold on the break wall. These shops carry creative Michigan apparel, gifts, jewelry, knickknacks and more! They are enjoyable to window shop as well as stop in and look around. The possibilities of gifts for loved ones are endless, and they are truly a staple of Downtown Alpena. 

After your tiring shopping spree throughout the downtown shops, you can stop in at any number of the delicious restaurants that are open in the Downtown Alpena area. No matter what you’re in the mood for, you’re likely to find something you love. The restaurants are bound to be able to serve any taste or craving that you may have after such a fun day in Alpena.  

Alpena is a special place where the weather may not always cooperate, but the love for the community and the outdoors thrives! No matter what the season is, there is always something to do in this town and in this community to enjoy time well-spent with those you love in a beautiful place.

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