Ten times downtown made the news this week

Have you read the Alpena News this week? There’s been some great coverage on what’s been going on downtown– in fact, every day this week there has been at least one article about downtown!

Here’s what made the news.

1.Thunder Bay Arts Council & Gallery launches their online campaign to complete and install a public art sculpture.  The 12′ long, 10′ wide, 15′ tall steel sculpture will feature life-sized blue herons taking flight and will be located near Island Park. TBAC must raise $5,000 through their online campaign by July 5th for those funds to be matched by the MEDC.  For full information on the campaign, the sculpture, and to make a donation, visit here.


2. Local author has two books released on the same day. Christine Johnson of Alpena had two novels published on Tuesday– coincidentally. She will be having a book signing at Olivet Books and Gifts this Saturday (6/10) from 10:30 am- 1pm.

3. “Who is my neighbor?” peace event has great turnout. The event took place at the Fletcher Street Depot this past weekend and was an non-denominational community event to promote peace, tolerance, and understanding.


4. Pocket Park (located next the Owl) is going to have a redesign. At the DDA’s board meeting on Tuesday, board members voted to approve the design and to offer partial funds for proposed changes.

5. A few downtown properties are going to receive facade work. The DDA awards three facade grants each year, which are awarded to downtown businesses who want to do exterior work on their buildings– with emphasis on historic preservation or rehabilitation. This year, funds will be awarded for facade work on the property next to the Center Building (106 N. 2nd) & Forty-Five North Art Gallery (121 N. 2nd). Both projects will remove elements of the fake facades added in the past and add elements that fit in with the historic character of downtown. Questions about facade grants? Email anneg@alpena.mi.us

The red building with wood facade is one of the properties.

6. Reverse-angle parking is now in effect on River Street. As of Wednesday, the parking on River Street has been changed from parallel to reverse-angle– and has caused some confusion. Reverse-angle parking is proven to be much safer than parallel and pull-in angled parking. So a friendly reminder– these spots must be backed into.

Police car- right. Red truck- wrong. Photo by the Alpena News.


7. The summer schedule of events has begun. No more complaints of “there’s nothing to do around here.” Some of the downtown events include:

8. The library is celebrating its 50th Anniversary. To celebrate, the Alpena County Library is having its Story Book Gala on Saturday (6/10) from 7 pm- 10 pm, featuring food from the Fresh Palate, sweets from As You Wish, special guests and presentations, live music, a wine pull and a special after-hours library experience. Tickets are $50 and go towards the Library Improvement Fund.


9. Friends Together is also holding a community celebration this weekend. The event will take place at the Band Shell this Sunday (6/11), beginning at noon. The event is a thank you to the community and volunteers that support the organization and all those touched by cancer. The event will feature hourly drawings, a bounce house for kids, a live DJ, and food. Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for kids.

Mr Mayor with some representatives from Friends Together. Photo by Alpena News.

10. The Lady Michigan is cruising for the season- and has some changes. The glass bottom boat, in addition to its operations now being under local control, also has a new captain. Before they started cruising this season, the boat received some upgrades, including a new paint job and new cushions. Visit their website here for cruise details and tickets.

The new captain with crew. Photo by Hanna Bullis.

Thanks for the great coverage, Alpena News!

Blog Downtown Alpena is written by Anne Gentry, Executive Director of the Alpena DDA.

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