Galleries to host summer Art Walks

This summer, Art Walks are coming to downtown Alpena the final Friday of each month, June through September, from 5-8 pm.

Art Walk Flier.png

What are Art Walks? Art Walks are events held in small towns and big cities alike that feature live music, outdoor art demonstrations, extended gallery hours, food, drinks, and other promotions—events that not only bring people downtown, but also highlight downtown as an arts and cultural destination.

During the Alpena Art Walks, the studios and galleries of downtown will have extended hours, keeping their doors open later than usual to allow people to wander in and out, explore local art, and talk to local artists. Each gallery will also have special art demonstrations, artist receptions, hors d’oeuvres, and other activities planned.

Some of the art on display at Art in the Loft.


In addition to the traditional “galleries,” Thunder Bay Theatre will also feature a special art exhibit in their lobby, and the Besser Museum will be showing some art from its impressive collection at the historic Centennial Building downtown.

The full list of galleries hosting the event is below. Art Walk-ers are encouraged to visit all six– those who do will be entered to win a monthly prize of $200 value. Each month’s prize will be donated by a different gallery.

Art Walk Cover Photo

Outside of the galleries, there will be other special events going on, including a live artisan demonstration at Soaps & Such and outdoor art demonstrations throughout downtown, such as basket weaving, henna tattoos, and live painters. The events will also be coordinated with the Downtown Street Performers, who will be performing throughout downtown.

Other downtown businesses are encouraged to keep their doors open late for the event.

Downtown street performer Lee Kitzman.

We hope to see you on the final Friday of each month!

Like Alpena Art Walks on Facebook Blog for more information on each event as well as news about the Alpena art community. Downtown Alpena is written by Anne Gentry, Executive Director of the Alpena DDA.



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