The blog welcomes new writer Molly Stricker!

After a year and a half, the blog now has a second writer! Molly Stricker recently moved to Alpena, Michigan to work for Thunder Bay Theatre– and is getting ready to bring some great new content to the blog.

Before Molly gets started on writing, I got the chance to ask her a few questions. Molly meet blog readers, blog readers meet Molly.


Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Molly Stricker, and I’m currently the Managing Director of Thunder Bay Theatre. I am originally from the Bay Area in California, but attended Alpena High School. I’m a recent graduate of Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, New York, where I concentrated in directing, producing, and acting for theatre and film. In college, I also studied a lot of writing, photography, and anthropology, so I’m really interested in all kinds of art and in people! On an average day, I’m probably wearing all black, listening to folk music, and talking about my vegan diet to anyone who will listen. I also love kittens and hiking around Northern Michigan.

One of Sarah Lawrence’s main buildings.

What brought you to Downtown Alpena?

I’m around Downtown Alpena all the time because I live and work here! Thunder Bay Theatre is located on North Second Avenue, just across the bridge, in the heart of Old Town Alpena. I’m super lucky to have an awesome job in an awesome part of Alpena.

DowntownHistoric-0085-HDRBest part of your job?

There are so many great parts of my job, and so many challenging parts of my job! I think the best part is being a key player in the art scene in Alpena. I care a lot about making all arts, especially theatre, accessible and necessary to all people, and that is the impetus behind every single thing I do at TBayT. It makes everything feel important and worthwhile.

Favorite part of the downtown?

My favorite part of the downtown is definitely Second Avenue during the summer. I love all of the shops and restaurants, and that they are all locally owned. They’re the little things that make Alpena special and one-of-a-kind. I’m obviously a sucker for TBayT, but I also really cherish the Center Building! Vegan food at The Fresh Palate, local wines at Thunder Bay Winery, and the exhibits at Art in the Loft: what more could you ask for?

If not working relentlessly to bring high-quality theater experiences to the Northeast Michigan community, you can often be found…

In that vein… when I’m not working I’m probably grabbing food or a drink downtown, sifting through antiques (shout out to Traveling Ladders), or taking a nap on the beach (Thomson is my favorite). I also love hiking and stargazing at Rockport, and exploring the beautiful outdoors of other areas in Northern Michigan.

What kind of articles can readers of the blog expect to be coming their way?

The content that I’m most interested in bringing to the blog is people and history focused. I want readers to be able to get to know the residents and business-owners of the Downtown through the blog, while learning about where the buildings and business have come from. Since relocating to Downtown Alpena after college, I’ve been super interested in learning more about this place and the people and organizations that came before us, and I want to share what I discover with everyone who reads the blog.


Stay tuned for articles coming your way written by Molly. Never miss a post by liking the blog on Facebook. And connect with us on instagram too while you’re at it by following @blogdowntownalpena.

3 thoughts on “The blog welcomes new writer Molly Stricker!

    So proud of you Molly Stricket and am excited to hear more about the people that make up a small town in Northern Michigan. Looks as if you have already began!!


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