Celebrate Downtown Day this Saturday in Downtown Alpena

Join the statewide celebration of Michigan Downtown Day this Saturday in Downtown Alpena!

This second-annual Downtown Day (September 25) is aimed to honor and support downtowns and the small businesses located within. The Michigan Downtown Association (MDA), a state-wide, non-profit organization and a driving force in the interest and growth of downtowns and communities throughout Michigan, made the push with Governor Whitmer last year to officially claim the fourth Saturday in September as Downtown Day.

“Downtowns, and their small businesses, deserve to be celebrated for they distinguish a community, are the drivers of economic development, and help to offer a sense of place that contribute significantly to the quality of life of residents,” Dana Walker, Director of the MDA said.  “The small businesses located within a downtown create jobs, commerce, and investment,” she explained.

Here are some ideas on how to celebrate Downtown Day here in Downtown Alpena:

1. Make a day of shopping and browse over thirty one-of-a-kind shops that call Downtown Alpena home. Pick up a new book, outfit, accessories, piece of local artwork, gift for a friend, and more!

2. Grab lunch or dinner at one of our twelve restaurants and eateries located downtown. If you don’t want to dine in, you can order take-out and enjoy it in a downtown park, along the river, or down at the Boat Harbor.

3. Get a glass of wine, beer, or cocktail to go and enjoy the Downtown Alpena Social District. Currently eight downtown restaurants have their Social District Permit, which allows you to purchase, carry, and consume a glass of alcohol throughout the downtown district.

4. Take a stroll and enjoy downtown’s newest murals at the entrance of the Alpena Boat Harbor as part of the Fresh Waves project. While you’re at it, enjoy other vibrant public artwork all throughout the district or inside at one of our downtown galleries and studios.

5. Share what you love about Downtown Alpena on social media and use the hashtag #MIDowntownDay to see how others are celebrating throughout the state.

Our downtown is the heart of our community, and we encourage everyone to come out and enjoy our downtown this weekend. Downtown Day is the perfect opportunity to grab a family member or friend, take a stroll, and explore all that our downtown has to offer!

Anne Gentry is the Executive Director of the Alpena Downtown Development Authority, whose mission it is to implement positive physical, aesthetic, and economic changes in the downtown. You can learn more about the Alpena DDA here.

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